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The RV Industry Association estimates it generates an annual economic impact of $50 billion per year, employing 289,000 workers earning $15.8 billion in wages and benefits. Additionally, the industry contributes $5.7 billion in federal, state and local taxes, officials say.

The typical age of an RV owner is 48, according to 2011 research from the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association. That number represented a one-year decrease from 2005 data, and the organization believes the average age of customers continues to decline. Those figures indicate younger people, including Millennials are moving into the market, it is said.

The Millennial generation is one that desires the experience of travel, the experience of seeing great things around the country. And they enjoy that sense of adventure.

Winnebago is also pushing hard into the light-trailer segment, even though like most RV makers, it sees 55-plus buyers as its core base, and those older buyers tend to want larger, more luxurious options.

Longtime RVer Jack Thompson, 75, says he upgraded from a trailer to a 26-foot motor home last year. While he liked the trailer, he prefers something he can drive. “We can be driving down the road and we want to fire up the microwave and make some popcorn, we can,” he says.

A few aisles away from the Airstreams, we find RV trailers, which are smaller and even lighter than the Basecamp. Built on all-aluminum frames, the inTech trailers have less headspace inside than traditional campers, making them easier to store inside a residential garage. A bright red one is designed to carry a kayak or bike on the roof, has a queen bed inside, along with a premium sound system, USB outlets for charging cellphones, and a slide-out kitchen with burner and fridge. And it weighs just 1,500 pounds and costs around $12,000.


The Airstream, with its sleek silver exterior, is the longest-tenured recreational vehicle manufacturer in North America. Now, the iconic brand has partnered with another well-known American company, Pendleton Woolen Mills, for a limited edition Airstream for 2016. With just 100 coming to life, the Limited Edition Pendleton® National Park Foundation™ Airstream® Travel Trailer, pays tribute to our nation’s parks and all the great adventures to be had.

The 28-foot trailer sleeps six and is outfitted with a lodge-like feel with national park-inspired Pendleton decor and bedding, all geared around enhancing the outdoor adventure experience.

The all-mighty EarthRoamer vehicles are not like any other – they’re the true baller of all recreational vehicles. In fact, they’re considered XVs – Xpedition Vehicles. They’re hand built in Colorado with the highest quality materials and a real attention to detail. They’re durable, all-in-one packages with everything built right in, including the Ford truck that drives it. While the EarthRoamer is made to handle tough, off-road adventures, they’re like luxury apartments on wheels that will probably make you never venture into a tent ever again.

The Mehrzeller, which we fell in love with back in 2010, is probably unlike anything you’ve passed on the road with its faceted exterior that will probably make you wonder what in the world is happening inside it. In all actuality, it’s a customizable, multicellular caravan that’s a step up from the Airstream or your typical campers. The same faceted surfaces show up on the mostly white interior making this a great option for people who don’t want to leave their modern aesthetic back at home. Unfortunately, we think this is still a concept but we hope it happens soon!

Happier Camper adds a touch of nostalgia with their travel trailers that have a distinctly classic, retro modern feel. If you’re looking for affordable adventures, these ultra-light campers might be your thing. Each one features their Adaptiv™ modular interior so you can customize it when you’re out on the road for camping, hauling, or as guest quarters, in a matter of minutes. They also have a ton of features you can add-on, like shower fittings, digital heaters, iPad/tablet docking station, solar panels, and a lightweight air conditioner. Despite its compact size, the camper sleeps five!




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